Country Cable Case and Questionnaire

Country Cable is a television cable service that focuses on people who live in small towns. The ability to provide good cable service is more challenging when the technology infrastructure is more basic in the outlying areas. Specifically, these companies provide cable through an electronic combination of actual cable and satellite dishes. Country Cable has made several improvements to the infrastructure and communicated the initiative in an advertising campaign on cable TV. The campaign was designed to appeal to all subscribers but especially to the female head of household (FHH). FHH were targeted in the ad because prior research confirmed that she made household decisions on cable service for the home.


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Country Cable Case and Questionnaire
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The Country Cable Company wants to know if the changes communicated through the advertising had an impact, especially on customer satisfaction. After running the ad for 3 months once the infrastructure changes were made, the company surveyed its subscribers using an online survey. The company had email addresses for most of its subscribers in the market chosen for the survey. They decided to survey only in a market that they deemed representative of any other small town segment that the company serves. The survey will be used to see if the infrastructure changes improved customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is not improved, Country Cable will explore what other service improvements can be made to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

The particular market where Country Cable conducted its survey comprises 12,500 subscribers. The surveys were returned by 75 subscribers. Surveys came back from 23 that were unusable (e.g. they were filled out incorrectly with several missing answers). The coding of these data is straight forward. Questions 1-6 and 8 are seven point rating scales, and Question 7 is gender and the codes are “ 1” for the men and “2” for the women. The questionnaire is on page 2. The data set is on the course site. Please answer the questions below using the SPSS data set on the course site as applicable and attach your output to your assignment using a print screen or the snipping tool.


1a. What do you see as the management decision problem?

1b. What is the resulting research problem?

2a. Overall how satisfied are respondents with the cable service on average and in the various aspects of the Country Cable service? What informs your answer?

2b. Based on your calculations, do you think the customers are satisfied with their Country Cable service? Describe the reason for your response.

3. The cable company thinks it has to communicate differently to men and women and wonders if the key performance indicator (KPI) of overall satisfaction is different by gender. Articulate the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis Ho and Ha. What do the data say on this point? Can you accept or reject the null Ho? What statistical test informs your answer?

4. If the company is concerned with weak performance on satisfaction, what do these data suggest it should focus on to improve satisfaction overall as captured in question q8. What is the null hypothesis and what is the alternative hypothesis?

What aspects of satisfaction for the cable service are related to overall satisfaction (q1- q 6). Where can you accept or reject the null hypothesis? What do you think Country Cable should focus on to improve overall satisfaction? What statistical test informs your answer?

5. Do you think Country Cable has addressed all their questions as a result of the ad campaign infrastructure changes and resulting survey? If you were to (re) design the study/survey, what would you do differently?

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