Correlation, Part I. What would be the correlation between the ages of husbands and wives if men always married woman who were

(a) 3 years younger than themselves?

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(b) 2 years older than themselves?

(c) half as old as themselves?

Correlation, Part II. What would be the correlation between the annual salaries of males and females at a company if for a certain type of position men always made

(a) $5,000 more than women?

(b) 25% more than women?

(c) 15% less than women?


Units of regression. Consider a regression predicting weight (kg) from height (cm) for a sample of adult males. What are the units of the correlation coefficient, the intercept, and the slope?

Which is higher? Determine if I or II is higher or if they are equal. Explain your reasoning. For a regression line, the uncertainty associated with the slope estimate, b1, is higher when

I. there is a lot of scatter around the regression line or

II. there is very little scatter around the regression line

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