Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Assignment

Tim Burton’s stop frame animation film Corpse Bride has many examples of the tools and techniques of visual communication covered during this course.  The movie also uses many of the ‘Technical Perspectives’ of filming used by directors and discussed in the Power Point Slides in Weeks 9 and 10.

Follow the instructions given for each section and complete the assignment. You can use this assignment outline as your template for completing assignment sections 1 and 2. Section 3 will need to be typed on separate pieces of paper.

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Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Assignment
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Take rough notes while watching the video and then complete a final copy of the assignment that includes Sections 1, 2, and 3 together (in one submission).

If you use Sections 1 and 2 as a template, you will be able to increase the numbers of lines in Sections 1 and 2, should you have more typed information to give in your answers.  Do be sure that you answer all questions with direct and detailed typed answers. Be specific with your answers.