Corporate Reporting Assignment

Corporate Reporting Assignment- Word Count – 4500 words
Corporate reporting is an area of Accounting and Finance that incorporates Regulatory
Framework, Financial Reporting and Ethical considerations.
You are required to use Royal Dutch shell PLC. as Public Limited Company on which to base
your assignment.
Prepare a formal business report, to be presented to the Directors of your chosen company. You
must include the following:
1. An identification of the main sources for regulatory framework, accounting and corporate
concepts, principles and theories. (LO 1 and LO 2)
2. An explanation of the impact of the accounting and finance framework on business
organisations in general and your chosen company. (LO 1)
3. Identify, review and assess specific policies, practices and regulations for your business and the
business sector it operates within. (LO 4)
4. An assessment of areas of abuse and exploitation in accounting and financial reporting. (LO 1)
5. An assessment of the importance of accounting concepts, principles and theories. (LO 2)
6. An interpretation and assessment of the published accounting information of your chosen
company. You should prepare additional accounting information, for example ratios, in your
interpretation and assessment.
You should analyse and assess the following financial statements:
a. Income Statement
b. Statement of Financial Position
c. Cash Flow Statements
(LO 3)
Learning Outcome
1. Understand the accounting and finance regulatory framework.
2. Understanding accounting concepts, principles and theories.
3. Be able to prepare and interpret accounting information.
4. Be able to review specific policies, practices and regulations within corporate
5. must provide evidence to demonstrate that they have fulfilled all the learning outcomes
and meet the standards specified by all assessment criteria.
Learning Outcomes to be met: All 1 to 4#MEKUEKEA APO JUU
Assessment type:
• Business Report
• Coursework of 4500 words
Indicative Reading list
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law: A Handbook. Oxford: Hart Publishing.
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and Investment Analysis: International Student Version. 8th Edition. New York: John
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