Convert $1.00 U.S.

A hands on review–I expect your application of concepts review to be approximately 2 – 3 pages; to include references from the APUS Library system (failure to include such references will detract from your grade on the assignment), and that the paper be written in proper grammar/spelling. The intention of this assignment is to apply the concepts to real world situations. Write well–Do your best work.

Use and refer to all the concepts in our readings as well as the APUS library this week to effectively answer this question. Be sure to cite your work!

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Convert $1.00 U.S.
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1. Convert $1.00 U.S. to the currencies of five other countries (you can do this at What implications do currency exchange rates hold for setting prices in other countries? How does this affect buying power? Why or Why not? How would this affect selling power?