Conversational Implication

Assuming a natural conversational setting, what might a person intend to con- versationally imply by making the following remarks? Briefly explain why each of these conversational implications holds; that is, explain the relation- ship between what the speaker literally says and what the speaker intends to convey through conversational implication. Finally, for each example, find a context where the standard conversational implication would fail and another arise in its place.

1. It’s getting a little chilly in here. (Said by a visitor in your home)

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Conversational Implication
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2. Do you mind if I borrow your pen? (Said to a friend while studying)

3. We are out of soda. (Said by a child to her parents)

4. I got here before he did. (Said in a ticket line)

5. Don’t blame me if you get in trouble. (Said by someone who advised you not to do it)

6. Has this seat been taken? (Said in a theater before a show)

7. These sweet potatoes are very filling. (Said when the cook asks if you want more)

8. Don’t ask me. (Said in response to a question)

9. Does your dog bite? (Said to a man standing next to a dog)

10. I will be out of town that day. (Said in response to a party invitation)