Contributions to the Film Industry

Issues/Recognition related to the industry (Select only ONE a, or b, or c)

a. Blackface:

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Contributions to the Film Industry
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I. Discuss the phenomenon of Blackface and how it influenced the film industry

II. In what ways did blackface influence the image of African Americans it depicted and audience’s imagination?

III. Why do you think blackface keep appearing in videos, at parties, on college campuses and in everyday life?


b. Blaxploitation: See this site

I. Explain the concept of “Blaxploitation” and find an example of a film that fits into this genre and briefly summarize it (i.e. what is the movie about?)

II. Discuss the message it conveys

III. What positive and negative (at least one each) comments have critics said about Blaxploitation? Do you agree with their comments?

c. Nominations for Oscars and other Awards:

I. Review a reliable source on the trends reflecting nominations for Oscars and Awards. How have the Oscars and other awards reflected the gender and racial balance of the roles of actors and actresses in films?

II. Assess one the films that has received an award in terms of how it was considered suitable for it.

III. What seems to be celebrated among the winners and nominees? Provide a specific example.

Contributions of Individuals to the Film Industry

Here are some examples (Select one):

· Eddy Murphy

· Spike Lee

· Josephine Baker

· Richard Pryor

· Cecily Tyson

· Arsenio Hall

· Pam Grier


1. Select one individual and briefly discuss his/her family background, education/training

2. Highlight two major contributions to society and two major challenge the person faced

3. What two lessons we can learn from his/her experience during the time the person developed as an actor/actress?