Contemporary Issues in Criminology

This module focuses on contemporary issues in criminology, social control, and the criminal justice system.  The broader theme will be to illustrate the role of the state in crime and social control through, for example, the interface between social policy and crime control, the evolution of governmental form and criminalisation, and the rise of diverse forms and means of governance and their consequences on processes of criminalisation.

The online information resource should contain text (2000 words), images, and references but may also include music and video.  The final product will take the form of a website and so students will learn web publishing skills and develop critical thinking, research and referencing skills.  Your target audience will be other students as well as anyone interested in your chosen topic.  More detailed guidance on how to create the online information resource will be given in-class during the term.

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Contemporary Issues in Criminology
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Your website should:

  • Engage with key module themes: Freedom; Security; Risk management; Othering;  Self-governance; Responsibilisation (note: you do not need to include all of these, just those that you can relate best to your contemporary issue)
  • Engage with key criminological theories that relate to your contemporary issues and in doing so, consider how these theories inform debates around this contemporary issue
  • Consider how this contemporary issue might suggest changes in government policy/practice
  • Use substantive examples (e.g. case studies; key examples)  to illustrate the points/arguments you make
  • Include other websites and sources of information (in addition to academic resources) which would be useful for someone wanting to find out more about this topic

Your website should include all of the above and do so by using headings and separate sections as a normal website would have.  You will be given a template to work from to build your website, but will also have the chance to use a different template if you prefer.  Overall the website should be clear and coherent – i.e. your different sections follow a clear, logical order.

Your online information resource will be based around ONE of the contemporary issues in criminology listed on this document on page 2.  This list is separated by broader themes related to the session topics we cover throughout the term.  Please choose one contemporary issue from this list.  This must be from a different colour box than what you chose for your report.  For instance, if you chose ‘drug mules’ from the yellow box for A1 Report, then you cannot choose another topic from the yellow box as these are all related to the broader session topic of drugs.

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