Contaminated Food Products, Foodborne Illness

Specific Project Instructions:

Topic is Contaminated food products, Foodborne illness

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Contaminated Food Products, Foodborne Illness
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· Create your environmental issues presentation- it should contain a maximum of 12 slides, including the cover slide and reference list slide.

· Upload your presentation to the Environmental Issues Discussion Forum.

· Your presentation is to meet all criteria on the grading rubric- it will not be narrated.


1. Explain the environmental issue. Is the evidence complete and conclusive or is further research needed on the issue?

2. How does this problem affect the health of individuals and community?

3. What is the status or prevalence of this issue in your home county or neighborhood?

4. Who is most affected and how? Who is the target population?

5. What is being done to safeguard the health of individuals and communities?  Explain any regulatory factors that impact the environmental issue.

6. Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention nursing interventions at the individual/ family level for your topic.

7. Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention nursing interventions at the population level for your topic.

8. Interview a key informant regarding this issue. You may do this by setting up an interview in person, by phone or going on a tour. Examples:  waste treatment plant, water treatment plant, power plant, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), State Health Department.

9. All sources must be cited in correct APA format. The complete references of sources you cited in the poster content are the only ones included in your reference section.  Save a space on the presentation for References. They do need to be on

10. This is a public education presentation.

11. Bring out key points of evidence and interview.

12. Use bullets and points to summarize information.

13. Present information in an organized and interesting manner.

14. Use pictures, graphs and charts to highlight major points.

15. Use APA in text citations on slides ( not web sites).

16. List complete references for those citations on the last slide of your presentation.