Consumer Buying Process

Think about a purchase you recently made that required some level of contemplation and analysis. Apply the six stages of the consumer buying model to your purchase, including a look at group and situational factors that may have influenced your decision. Think about your antecedent state, time, usage context of the product, influence of others around you, store environment, and the general shopping experience. Include any group or situational factors that affected or could have influenced your purchase. Respond to the items below in essay format (not question-and-answer format).

Explain the six stages of the consumer buying process from a theoretical standpoint. Apply this model to a recent purchase you made.

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Consumer Buying Process
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Describe how consumers interpret and evaluate information about products and services from a company’s marketing efforts.

Summarize how situational factors may have influenced your purchase.

Explain how external groups or cultural beliefs may have influenced your purchase.