Construction Project Management

The proposal is based on the questionnaire attached there is also some risks assessment and ethics review based on that proposal if there are any changes in this methodology please let me know to take the relevant considerations


Learning outcomes:

The successful completion of this assignment contributes to the achievement of unit learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6


Identify and critically examine key research tools and techniques.

Organise library searches effectively to identify key source material and review such material to establish a well-informed context for the project and appropriate justification for the topic.

Assemble a viable research methodology, recognising the quantitative and/or qualitative elements that are generic to such methodologies. Classify, analyse and develop the facts, principles and theories relevant to the project and apply them so as to present and justify an innovative solution or design, often in areas where information and practice are undeveloped.

Recognise and discuss any ethical considerations presented by the proposed project and formulate transparent procedures to protect participants and environments

Analyse and synthesise the data to draw appropriate qualified conclusions linked to objectives set within research design.

Work independently on a topic over an extended time frame and report progress regularly and effectively to a supervisor.



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