Consonant and Vowel Articulation

LIN101 Consonant and Vowel Articulation Homework #2
Please type your answers into a fresh new document, with the problems clearly labelled and separated,
so they are easy to grade. Do not try to cram your answers into the original homework PDF. Make
sure you input any IPA symbols correctly. Check the resources on Quercus for tools that you can use for
inputting IPA symbols.
Problem 1. Each of the following groups of IPA symbols represents consonant phones that have the
same place of articulation, except one symbol which represents a consonant phone with a different place. For each group, (i) list which symbol doesn’t belong, and (ii) list which place the group
represents when the non-matching symbol is removed. [5 marks]
For example, if you are given {[d], [z], [k], [n]}, then you would list the symbol [k] and the place of
articulation alveolar, because the remaining symbols represent alveolar phones, and [k] does not.


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Consonant and Vowel Articulation
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