Conflict Management

Develop a professional MS PPT presentation on the topics of conflict management *and* the consultant-client (C-C) relationship during the different phases of the consulting process (entry, diagnosis, planning, and/or implementation) based on both 1) the new case: Note on conflict management (The Crimson Group, 2013) at… and 2) any of the previous cases as per section 7. PREVIOUS CASE(S) above. Your professional MS PPT presentation should answer each of the following questions and/or address each of the following:


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Conflict Management
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  1. What are the different types of conflict a consultant may need to manage at the different phases of the consulting process (i.e., entry, diagnosis, planning or implementation phases)?
  2. Based on any of the previous cases in the course (as per section 7. PREVIOUS CASE(S) above), can you identify a minimum of three (3) examples of conflicts?
  3. Describe each of the three conflict examples which you identified in terms of: a) severity (e.g., low, moderate, high), b) frequency (e.g., one-time or continuing), and c) stakeholder perspectives involved (e.g., 2 perspectives, 3 or more perspectives).
  4. Analyze what the potential sources of conflict are (or could be) for each of the 3 conflicts which you identified.
  5. Select one (1) only of the three conflicts which you identified (as per #2 above). Explain which of the five positions of the Thomas–Kilmann conflict & negotiation model you would adopt and/or recommended

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