Confidentiality in Research

Counselors are responsible for under- standing and adhering to state, federal, agency, or institutional policies or appli- cable guidelines regarding confidential- ity in their research practices.

Independent Researchers When counselors conduct independent research and do not have access to an institutional review board, they are bound to the same ethical principles and

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Confidentiality in Research
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Evaluation and Remediation

Evaluation of Students Counselor educators clearly state to stu- dents, prior to and throughout the train- ing program, the levels of competency expected, appraisal methods, and timing of evaluations for both didactic and clini- cal competencies. Counselor educators provide students with ongoing feedback regarding their performance throughout the training program.

Limitations Counselor educators, through ongoing evaluation, are aware of and address the inability of some students to achieve counseling competencies. Counselor educators do the following:

1. assist students in securing reme- dial assistance when needed,

2. seek professional consultation and document their decision to dismiss or refer students for assistance, and

3. ensure that students have recourse in a timely manner to address decisions requiring them to seek assistance or to dismiss them and provide students with due process according to institutional policies and procedures.

Counseling for Students If students request counseling, or if counseling services are suggested as part of a remediation process, counselor educators assist students in identifying appropriate services.