Confidentiality as it Relates to Mental Ill Patients

Ethical Position Rubric Topic HIPAA/Confidentiality as it relates to mental ill patients. 

Nonformatted PowerPoint slides (APA)

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Confidentiality as it Relates to Mental Ill Patients
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Identify a major ethical dilemma in nursing facing the profession of nursing and succinctly analyze and discuss the issue using supporting professional documentation nursing scholarly nursing research and evidenced-based practice information.

· The position presentation proposes a thesis statement.

The presentation addresses the following:

· Describes and analyzes the ethical issue using either the Utilitarian or the Deontological approach.

· Takes a pro or con view of the issue and provides the argument in support of your view.

· How might strategies be used to prevent or to minimize conflict? What strategies might be applied if conflict does arise?

· The ethical dilemma in nursing considered important in today’s health care organization.

· How might ethical dilemma in nursing alter your way of caring for patients in nursing?

Primary source is the attached article and use adding peer reviewed journal (within 5 years) to support the points discussed