Conducting Research

Conducting research is an important part of any professional career. Senior managers are frequently tasked with making decisions based upon information and data found through such research. Making a sound decision based on credible research can result in organizational success. Making a poor decision based on faulty research can be catastrophic. For this reason, we emphasize the research process in all graduate programs and courses.

The research process requires us to locate and present sound, credible data, and information, and then to present our own interpretations, opinions, recommendations, and conclusions based upon this data and information. Anyone can locate data; not everyone can use this data to make sound decisions.

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Conducting Research
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Academic and professional research usually requires us to use scholarly reviewed or peer-reviewed communications and literary items – articles, journals, books, etc. In this context, peer or scholarly reviewed means articles, etc., have been reviewed by subject matter experts in the field. As an example, your textbooks are all scholarly reviewed.

For the most part, you will use articles for your research in your course work. The best places to find such articles are in the databases housed in the ECPI Online Library. While there are other credible resources found through Google and other search engines via the Internet (such as company information, government information, etc., the library is the safest and easiest place for conducting research. These articles in the databases have been vetted.


For this Research and Documentation assignment, follow the directions below, and prepare a report covering the points presented. Use APA Style to create this report in an MS Word document. Your report should be approximately two pages in length and should include a cover page, and a references page. You do not need to include an Abstract. For your convenience, you can use this template which is APA formatted for this assignment Template for Research and Documentation Activity  Download Template for Research and Documentation Activity Download Template for Research and Documentation Activitywe highly recommend you use this!

Your report should use headings. Your headings should come from the list below. Note: The introduction to your report does not need a heading.

  • Describe the purpose of academic research and its relevance to your career path.
  • Define the term “Scholarly Reviewed” articles.
    • For this definition, you may use the Internet or the ECPI Online Library reference collections such as the Credo Reference database. Remember to cite this information.
      • FYI: (You may sometimes see the term scholarly reviewed used interchangeably with peer-reviewed. The word peer, in this case, refers to subject matter experts in that particular field. The word peer does not refer to your friends or classmates.)
    • Explain the importance of using scholarly reviewed resources and how such resources help professionals to make sound decisions.
  • Locate a scholarly/peer-reviewed article using the databases in the Online Library.
    • This article should be important to your own career path or one that interests you.
    • Provide a brief summary of the article you located.
    • Remember to cite the information you found in the article.
    • Include your own interpretations and opinions about the article and what you have learned. You do not cite your own interpretations and opinions.
  • In conclusion, explain how the information in this article and the research process will be useful to your career path.

Use the APA Style Guide found in the Online Library and linked here for how to use in-text citations, how to format your report in APA style, and how to prepare the cover sheet and References page.