Conducting Informal Research

Begin this discussion by conducting informal research about the industry you would like to join after graduation–finance, geology, medical, education, etc. Next focus your research on a specific issue related to one of the following topics:

  • Diversity in the workplace
    To get started, read “Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce” (Links to an external site.) from Business Ethics, OpenStax. Then perform your own research on the topic within your industry.
  • Discrimination in the workplace
    To get started, read “Employment Discrimination” (Links to an external site.) from Microeconomics, Lumen Learning. Then perform your own research on the topic within your industry.
  • Microaggressions at work
    To get started, read “Bias in the Workplace” (Links to an external site.) from Business Communication Skills, Lumen Learning. Then perform your own research on the topic within your industry.

After you have completed your industry specific research on one of the above issues, write a memo to your boss, Ms. Jamilah Nguyen summarizing your results and offering your recommendations to your industry at large. How can businesses and companies in within your industry address these issues? What are some important steps they can take?

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Conducting Informal Research
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Be sure to closely review proper memo format before writing your memo. Please also take into account workplace writing guidelines. Finally, be sure to review the parts of a memo (Links to an external site.) and include these specifically in your final product.

At least two sources must be used to write this research memo. Please use hyperlinks (use MS Word (Links to an external site.) or Google Docs (Links to an external site.)) to cite your sources within the body of your memo. Then, attach a Word document as your submission to this discussion so we can follow your links.

Responses to Classmates

To be eligible for full points for this discussion, you must also respond to at least two classmates (at least 100 words each). The content of these responses are up to you, but I suggest discussing these issues as they occur in familiar industries. You could also discuss proper memo format, workplace writing guidelines, and other relevant feedback.

You can also use the RISE model (Links to an external site.) when you respond:

  • Reflect: What do you agree/disagree with in your peer’s post?
  • Inquire: Ask an insightful question about your peer’s post.
  • Suggest: Make a kind suggestion to your peer or make an insightful comment that will help them better understand rhetoric.
  • Elevate: Offer an additional resource your peer might find helpful, or make connections between your post and your peer’s post. Elevate the conversation by providing information that will be helpful in the future.