Concert Report

Concert Report

Your final project concert report should be three to five pages in length.  The concert report must be about the music we have studied in this class. Your concert report cannot be about any popular music, like rock music, holiday music or Broadway music.  If you are unsure of the concert’s nature you should run it by me first, and will I OK it. If it is something obvious, like a concert featuring Mozart and Beethoven, then just go ahead and get started.

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Concert Report
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Here is what you need to do:



  • watch a concert or recital
  • Provide the name of the artist(s) that are performing.  If it is a duo, trio or quartet then you should list the names of all of the performers. If it is large group like a symphony or opera, then you only need to list the conductor, concertmaster and the group.
  • Go through each song or piece of music and give the titles in your report. Make sure you highlight the titles of songs or pieces.  Write something intelligent about the music that you are listening to. You may wish to discuss the music specifically, or you can discuss the genre of the music, or both. For example, discussing the music specifically means talking about dynamics, phases, where they in tune, any thing that may catch your attention during the performance. Discussing the genre is talking about the music characteristics of the era and genre, For example in the classical era there are a variety of ideas always presented and the melodies always tend to be either folk like or actual folk songs.
  • Try not to get caught up in personal opinions. A little personal touch is always a good thing, but make sure your paper is objective and well written. A lot will count on the your grammar.


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