Computer Science: Being safe with your data

Development The bibliography includes 5 sources? All of the sources are academic journals? All sources meet the 10-page length? Each source has a summary/evaluation (annotation) that meets the “Good Paragraph” criteria (12-15 sentences)? Focus All 5 of the sources are academic? The source summaries focus on main ideas and the source author’s thesis? The source annotations include evaluatory statements focusing on the rhetorical strategies within the article? The sources are relevant to the student’s topic? Organization The bibliography is alphabetized? All citation information is included and in the proper order? The source annotations are organized logically? Transitions are used within the annotations? Mechanics In-paragraph (parenthetical) citations are in correct MLA formatting? The bibliography is in correct MLA formatting? The source annotations are proofread? The source annotations are grammatically clean? Style The tone is appropriate for the assignment and for the audience? The word choice is appropriate? The sentence structure is appropriate? The student goes beyond “basic” writing?