“Computational Modelling and Prediction of Biomolecular Structure and Ligand”-Research Project Plan

Research Project Plan instructions and Guidelines PLEASE FOLLOW them carefully and ask me if need any explanation:
1- The Title of the project is: “Computational Modelling and Prediction of Biomolecular Structure and Ligand”
2- The project is: to discover a new binding of specifically (Conotoxins) as ligands with GABA(B) receptors as proteins. I’ll subsequently create mutants, based on that ligand; I’ll be making many different mutants based on that original ‘parent’ conotoxin, using the computational mutagenesis software, FoldX.


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“Computational Modelling and Prediction of Biomolecular Structure and Ligand”-Research Project Plan
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3- The main aim is to use computational docking, and then computational mutagenesis software (FoldX), to obtain conotoxins which bind more strongly to GABA B. The main disorder targeted by these toxins is chronic pain (See article 4 in the attachment for the aim of this project as an example).
4- The assignment is to write the Research Project Plan of my project (described above) using the template attached (Research project plan outline).

5- The research plan should be written about this project mention above using and following the outline (Research project plan outline). Please follow these outlines carefully to write using same format (Aim of the project, Background, Methods). Also, please make sure to fulfill all citrates that written in the outline to have a good project plan of the giving subject above.
6- Aim of the project (write around one page). Background (minimum 3 pages, I attached great literatures to use them in writing, You can use good references from you too but should be peer-reviewed articles in known journals). Methods (write around one page).

7- The three main methods we will use in this project:

– VMD: visualize the structure
– Hex: protein docking
– Foldx: protein design

8- Similarity should be less than 12% as required please. This is important point.
9- Use please SIMPLE LANGAUGE as this is for international master student and want to be in a good quality to be fitted for those two purposes (Master and International student).

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