Components of a project management plan

You will create several components of a project management plan, synthesizing
the skills learned in the course and required for the CAPM® into a well-organized deliverable. You will demonstrate your knowledge of CAPM®, specifically the
ten knowledge areas and five process groups critical for an understanding of PMI®. A grasp of project management language, structures, and processes will help
you succeed as either a member or leader of a project. This course is designed around the skills and abilities required for CAPM® certification and applicable to
careers in project management. Gaining the CAPM® certification can make you more marketable to potential employers.
Prompt: You now have a project charter and stakeholder management plan in place, and they will provide a solid start for your overall project management
plan. In this milestone, you will develop your project scope management plan using the same project scenario. A scope management plan template has been
provided for you.
You will find all the details you need to complete this milestone in your scenario document. Remember that you must work with the same scenario throughout
the course.
For complete project details, review the Project Scenario One: Technical Redesign document or the Project Scenario Two: Procure a New Software Vendor
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
V. Project Scope Management Plan: Your project scope management plan should completely and accurately represent the necessary components from the
template, including:
A. Scope statement
B. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
C. Scope verification
D. Scope control

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Components of a project management plan
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