Complete Paragraph

  • Complete Paragraph 1 & Parargraph 2 with topic and concluding sentences.

Writing instructions:

  1. Write complete sentences with a subject, verb and complete thought.
  2. Remember that:
  • The topic sentence is the main idea of the paragraph. It clearly states the subject of the whole paragraph and gives an overview of the sentences to follow.
  • The concluding sentence sums up the information in the paragraph. It restates the idea of the topic sentence to remind the reader of the topic sentence. You can use transition words (e.g., in conclusion, finally, to sum up, and all in all).

Hence: Kindly see the grading Rubric in the attachment.

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Complete Paragraph
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Please see examble below:

Paragraph 1: (1 Point)

____________________________________________________________________________________ There are several advantages of self-study. Studying alone helps a student to control his or her studying environment, which means, the distractions will be less and the ability to concentrate will be more. Also, it is obvious that study time will not be wasted in friendly chats or meaningless conversations, which usually happen when friends or classmates gather in a place. On the other hand, procrastination and lack of resources, including instructors, are major drawbacks or challenges of self-studies. Self-study also requires a lot of discipline; otherwise, the results will not be as expected or even could lead to falling in the exams. Having the support of good instructors will help the students in gaining more knowledge as they know about the subject much better. This advantage is not there in self-studies. _________________________________________________________________________________

Paragraph 2: (1 Point)

_____________________________________________________________________________________First of all, English grammar is complex. It can be challenging to remember, master and use logically. It can be tricky to ensure you use the correct grammar, especially when you are in a conversation with someone who is speaking at a fast pace. Also, vocabulary is often a challenge, especially when it comes to understanding which tense should be used in different situations. English has one of the biggest vocabularies of all languages; thus, it can be very confusing for non-English speakers to master. Furthermore, knowing how to pronounce words in English can be very challenging as well as it isn’t always obvious. Depending on the first language of the English student, it can often be difficult, sometimes, to pronounce certain words properly.