Competitive Analysis Worksheet

Group Member Names: (please also list their hometowns and favorite childhood tv show or
You and your team are thinking about starting a business and you’ve narrowed it down to the
following options (circle one):
NFT Art (i.e. Cryptopunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club)
Performing Arts Center
Minor League Sports Team
Who is your competition for consumers buying your product/services? List 3.
What is each competitor good at?
What is each competitor bad at?
How much are they charging for their products/services?
Apply Porter’s Five Forces to your company. What does that look like? Remember that it’s ok to
Google this for help.
How will your company stand out? Please be specific in this area so that we understand how
you will use Porter’s Five Forces to be competitive in the industry.
Draw a positioning map for your company relative to your competitors.
Tell us about your business.
Other Things To Know

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Competitive Analysis Worksheet
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