Competence to Use and Interpret Assessment Instruments

Limits of Competence Counselors use only those testing and as- sessment services for which they have been trained and are competent. Counselors using technology-assisted test interpreta- tions are trained in the construct being measured and the specific instrument being used prior to using its technology- based application. Counselors take reason- able measures to ensure the proper use of assessment techniques by persons under their supervision.

Appropriate Use Counselors are responsible for the appropriate application, scoring, inter- pretation, and use of assessment instru- ments relevant to the needs of the client, whether they score and interpret such assessments themselves or use technol- ogy or other services.

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Competence to Use and Interpret Assessment Instruments
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Decisions Based on Results

Counselors responsible for decisions involving individuals or policies that are based on assessment results have a thor- ough understanding of psychometrics.