Comparing the Bubonic Plague to Corona Virus

Question title: Comparing the Bubonic plague to Corona virus.

Question details: hroughout this course, we have discussed many aspects of a pandemic both from the modern era and the past. For this assignment, you are to write a research paper that compares and contrasts two past pandemics, preferably, one ancient and one from the modern era.

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Comparing the Bubonic Plague to Corona Virus
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Focus points of the research paper:

Identify main signs and symptoms of the chosen pandemics. Include the year of occurrence and any transmission information pertinent to the pandemic.

Discuss loss of life and property.

Where appropriate, compare or contrast:

planning efforts for the emergency, if any were included;

emergency medical services (EMS) response for the emergency (identify any legal, political, and regulatory responsibilities for EMS during the response);

community response to the emergency;

community recovery from the past pandemic; and

how EMS might respond if the ancient pandemic occurred in modern times.

Your research paper should include the following components:

Title page,


Conclusion, and

References page.

Your essay should be at least four pages, not counting the title and references pages. You should use the textbook and at least four outside sources. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced and cited. Please adhere to APA Style when creating a title page, citations, and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

Number of words: 800 words