Comparative/Competitive Advantages

Comparative/Competitive Advantages

All of the following may lead to a competitive advantage: less expensive suppliers. better employees. superior products, developing a global market, getting more favorable terms from shippers, same for suppliers, same for labor supplies, developing a more experienced/knowledgeable/loyal employee base, obtaining a patent/copyright/trademark, being better connected to more investors, having more capital, establishing a powerful brand name, really any type of asymmetry that will give it more resources than its competitors in any area such as financial backing, knowledge, information, and/or power. Remember from Chapter 1, a perfect market is one in which there are no competitive advantages or asymmetries because all firms have equal access to all the factors to production. And an unfair competitive advantage is one where no other competitor can get it, such as a brand name. It answers the question, “What special advantages does your firm bring to the marketspace?”

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Comparative/Competitive Advantages
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What does the company you selected to study bring for its competitive advantage? What evidence (via screenshot) can you provide for that belief? Do you think this is the most effective competitive advantage for them to use? Why or why not? What competitive advantage will you use? Why? Did the choice of your competitor have an influence on the competitive advantage you selected? Why or why

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