Company Valuation Final Assignment Instructions

Read the Uber Case and download the provided Uber Excel files from Moodle


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Company Valuation Final Assignment Instructions
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Prepare answers to the 8 suggested questions (listed at the end of the case).


Use the provided Uber Template Excel file to create your solutions.


Before submitting your Excel file, check that you have shown ALL formulas by using either formulatext function or getformula macro. Avoid any hard-wired numbers in your models.


Create the cover page (first spreadsheet) where you will place your full name, your student number, the name of the course, the date of submission, and you will include the phrase “I confirm that this Final Assignment file is the result of my own individual work, and that I have not collaborated in any form with anyone while doing this assignment”.

Write your full answers to the 8 questions in a Word file. Use in your Word file screenshots from Excel to explain fully each answer. Place the same plagiarism note as above in the Word file too, on the cover page.


(No hard copy is needed for this final assignment.)

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