Communications Assignment

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications question and need a reference to help me learn.

post your individual Assignment 6.1 (of no less than 400 words and no more than 600 words)

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Communications Assignment
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Read the following instructions carefully and address the tasks described (12 points):

For this assignment you will take on the role of a health educator who needs to write an article for a health related newspaper column, newsletter, or magazine section.
Your article will address the impact of technology on the quality of social relationships in the context of stress and health. Compose a report weighing the benefits and detriments of your choice of recent technologies (such as the internet, social networking websites, mobile phones, texting, video games, etc.) with respect to interpersonal human relations. How broadly or narrowly you frame your discussion is up to you, but present your findings with an objective and scientific point of view.
Support your points with evidence from reputable sources: you may use the textbook chapters 11 & 12 and any additional resources from PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS on PubMed you choose; for this assignment you may also include information from authoritative sources in the popular media (i.e. expert information found on web pages, in well-respected magazines and newspapers, or in college level textbooks). The QUALITY of the resources you use will be taken into consideration. There is no limit to how many sources you may use in your assignment.
Even though an article of this nature might not normally require it, include citations and a list of references cited following APA Style for academic purposes.
Remember, you are writing an article for a target audience! Indicate in a separate line before your article starts who your target audience is, i.e. “My article is for inclusion in a newsletter for physicians,” “…in a magazine for teens,” or “…in a newspaper column for the general public,” etc. Although grammar and spelling are not being graded, readability with respect to your audience will be taken into account. Your target audience need not be unique to those chosen by other classmates.