For this activity you will become the observer by testing your perceptions.  You will observe anyone of your choosing that you trust will do no harm to you.   You should be able to choose 5 different people. In the event you cannot locate 5 you can duplicate if necessary.  Each should be a concise , short answer. For example, describe the behavior ( I saw a young boy picking his nose on the street corner).  Be Specific for each area.


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The process is as your reading and lecture explains:

Observation # 1

  1. Describe the specific scene and behavior you noticed.
  2. Consider several possible interpretations of the behavior.
  3. Request clarification about how to interpret the behavior.
  4. Indicate whether your perception was correct or incorrect.

Observation # 2     (repeat the same  steps above for each observation )

Observation # 3

Observation # 4

Observation # 5

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