Commercial Lease

Commercial leases are complex documents (contracts) that vary in size and structure depending on the type of business lease it is. For example, a commercial lease for an office space in a downtown Seattle or Bellevue high rise building is going to look a bit different than a commercial lease for a small business in downtown Renton. For this assignment you are going to use an old lease form that I used many years ago and modified for various small businesses. The commercial leases for Seattle, etc. are very lengthy and fill a 3″ ring binder and have several pages of signature lines and notary blocks. I am not asking you to do that.

Remember the Arbitration language Well, now you get your chance to put that language into a contract. you just have to copy and paste into the proper place in the document (which I have given you).

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You will have to do a Table of Contents and make sure that you put proper page numbers on the Table of Contents. My form is old and therefore the Table of Contents that is there needs to be revised but there is an easier way to do that without pulling your hair out and getting frustrated. Below is a link for instructions to read and I have also attached a YouTube video – your choice. (Links to an external site.) .

Prepare a commercial lease with the requirements on the Project Assignments handout.
Add an arbitration paragraph after the attorneys fee provision in the
lease (provided below). Then make sure to update the cover page,
footers and page numbers (adding your name to the bottom of the
footer). Finally, add a table of contents (directions attached)

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