Color Discrimination

“In June 2015, Pioneer Hotel, Inc. in Laughlin, Nevada agreed to pay $150,000 and furnish other relief to settle a national origin and color discrimination lawsuit filed by the EEOC. The EEOC charged that a class of Latino and/or brown-skinned workers was subjected to a barrage of highly offensive and derogatory comments about their national origin and/or skin color since at least 2006. Housekeeping and security department staffers in particular were constantly the targets of slurs by several supervisors and co-workers. In addition, the EEOC asserted that Latino/brown-skinned workers were told not to speak Spanish during their break times. Pioneer failed to stop and rectify the harassment and discrimination despite repeated complaints by the Latino/brown-skinned workers. Pioneer entered into a four-year consent decree that prohibits Pioneer from creating, facilitating, or permitting a hostile work environment for employees who are Latino or darker-skinned. Additionally, the hotel agreed to hire an outside equal employment opportunity consultant to ensure that the company implements effective policies, procedures, and training for all employees to prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Pioneer management will receive additional training on its responsibilities under Title VII and will be required to immediately report complaints to the human resources department, create a centralized system to track complaints, and be held accountable for failing to take appropriate action. Notice of consent decree will be visibly posted at the hotel”

In your paper provide a well-rounded argument with the following responses based on your research:

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Color Discrimination
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· How should Pioneer Hotel, Inc. have handled the complaint of harassment? (Provide a detailed response.)

· Is this unlawful harassment? By what federal statue?

· Please identify what actions Pioneer should have taken? What action should be taken regarding the supervisor and staff based on your knowledge and research?

· What type of policy should the outside equal employment opportunity consultant create an implement? Provide a detailed summary of what should be included and why.

· What is the significance of the case?