College Smokers

College smokers. At a university, 13% of students smoke.

(a) Calculate the expected number of smokers in a random sample of 100 students from this university.

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College Smokers
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(b) The university gym opens at 9 am on Saturday mornings. One Saturday morning at 8:55 am there are 27 students outside the gym waiting for it to open. Should you use the same approach from part (a) to calculate the expected number of smokers among these 27 students?


Ace of clubs wins. Consider the following card game with a well-shuffled deck of cards. If you draw a red card, you win nothing. If you get a spade, you win $5. For any club, you win $10 plus an extra $20 for the ace of clubs.

(a) Create a probability model for the amount you win at this game. Also, find the expected winnings for a single game and the standard deviation of the winnings.

(b) What is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay to play this game? Explain your reasoning.

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