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Can anyone write a narrative essay with other story. The essay need to be the same steps as below.


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Has the thought of being in a small room ever made you hesitant and scared? Have you ever been stuck in an elevator and you are overwhelmed with fear?  If the answer is yes, you may have Claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is a kind of fear when you get stuck in a tight spot and have no way out in tight holes. Severe panic disorder is often seen as an anxiety disorder and can lead to panic. When I am alone in a place with no one in there, I start to breathe abnormally, I sweat a lot, and my whole body starts to shake because I have Claustrophobia. I had not been a coward in my life until when I was ten years old. I never forget what happened to cause me to have Claustrophobia.

Summer of 1993, I went to my uncle’s garden in Kordan with my parents. Kordan is one of Iran’s climatic regions near the capital city of Iran, Tehran, where there are many farms and orchards. It is 40 miles away from Tehran. My uncle’s garden is one of the giant gardens, full of fruit trees such as apples, pears, and walnuts, all of which were planted in regular rows.  Next to their garden were fields with cucumbers and tomatoes, and at the end of the garden, there was a horse stable with two large horses and a fawn and several cows.  In another place, there was a nest for chickens and roosters. He also had a dog named Rocky. My uncle had a particular interest in animals, and he had this garden since I can remember. We usually went there frequently during the summertime. One evening on a hot summer day, my older sister and I went to my uncle’s garden with my parents. One of my favorite games was to follow Rocky in the garden.

That day I felt very good because I was with my family in my uncle’s garden and I was playing with my favorite pet. I ran after Rocky; therefore, I did not realize how far I was from the rest. I followed Rocky, which lead me to a room at the far corner of the farm, which my uncle used as a maternity ward for pregnant animals and took care of their newborns. It was a room without windows and dark with an old wooden door with a toggle on the back locked by placing a piece of wood between two iron outlets between the two doors. The door slammed shut, and the room was entirely dark. I was curious to find out more about this room. So, I went through the door, and I started to look around. Suddenly Rocky went out the door, and I heard something that fell down. The door’s toggle fell down after Rocky jumped out, and I got stuck in the room while no one knew where I was.

The room was very dark, and I did not even dare to take a step forward or backward. I did not remember anything from inside the room, and I just started screaming and crying. I could barely breathe and kept my eyes closed. It was like the room was getting tighter and tighter every moment, and the room had become so small for me. I imagined that the walls of that room were pushing me towards the door, and I felt a lot of pressure on my chest, stopping me from breathing. I do not exactly remember how long I was trapped in the room, but every moment was like a year for me. In the meantime, I heard Rocky’s bark, and then my dad said, “I think she’s stuck in this room,” and the door opened. If the door opened a few minutes later, I would surely suffocate.

Fear is always with us, even though we can feel them or not. Some disaster experiences, such as what had happened to me, cause them psychological problems. Since that scary day, unfortunately, I started to feel the same feelings when I am in a closed space like an elevator, a room without a window to look outside or when I am alone in the dark. It reminds me of that horrible day and all the frustrating feelings I experienced. I consulted with several psychiatrists. Finally, I have decided to live with this fear and come to terms with it.