1 Explores the areas of expertise and contribution of self, other professionals, and key stakeholders.

2 Articulates the school nurse’s education, scope of practice, role and responsibilities within the team and community.

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3 Adheres to standards and applicable codes of conduct that govern behavior among peers and colleagues to create a work environment that promotes cooperation, dignity, respect, inclusion, and trust.

4 Leverages the unique and complementary abilities of all members of the team to optimize attainment of desired outcomes.

5 Translates knowledge of community health systems and populations, as well as the synergy between families, schools and communities to enhance effective collaboration on population health issues.

6 Leads efforts to establish, improve, and sustain collaborative relationships to achieve safe, quality care for the school community that reflects values for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

7 Partners with students, families, stakeholders, and members of the interprofessional team to create, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive plan for change that leads to positive outcomes and quality care.

8 Facilitates partnerships between families, schools, communities and other agencies to support student health and education goals.

9 Promotes engagement through consensus building and conflict management.

10 Uses effective group strategies to enhance team performance.

11 Develops health policies, procedures, and programs in collaboration with school administrators and other stakeholders.

12 Documents the outcomes and decisions of collaborative planning.