Cognitive Therapy is not for Everyone

Finally, cognitive therapy is not for everyone. If the therapist has tried all available ap- proaches to the problem and has consulted with other cognitive therapists, it may be best to refer the patient to another therapist with ei- ther the same or a different orientation.

Regardless of why therapy is not progressing satisfactorily, cognitive therapists should at- tend to their own affect and cognitions. They must maintain a disciplined, problem-solving stance. If the cognitive therapist finds him- or herself unduly influenced by a patient’s despair or begins to notice that his or her own schemas are triggered by therapeutic interactions, he or she should seek supervision. Hopelessness in patients or therapists is an obstacle to problem solving. If therapists can effectively counteract their own negative self-assessments and other

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Cognitive Therapy is not for Everyone
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dysfunctional thoughts, they will be better able to concentrate on helping patients find solu- tions to their problems.