Cloud Technologies Power Point

Using the project guidelines and the attached summary for this project, you will develop a detailed comparative analysis of cloud vendors and their services. A comparative analysis provides an item-by-item comparison of two or more alternatives, processes, products, or systems. In this case, you will compare the pros/cons of the cloud service providers in terms of security, ease of use, service models, services/tools they provide, pricing, technical support, cloud service providers’ infrastructure, and architecture model.

You will present your findings to the owner of the company in a PowerPoint presentation with 10 to 20 slides. Use the Cloud Presentation Template.

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Cloud Technologies Power Point
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Presentation Guidelines

Your presentation should be comprised of the following:

· One to two slides on the company profile.

· One to two slides on what the company is struggling with.

· One to two slides on current infrastructure.

· Three to six slides on the top three cloud services providers. Include their service models (i.e., SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), services/tools/solutions (i.e., compute, storage, database, developer tools, analytics tools, networking and content delivery, customer engagement), pricing, accessibility, technical support for companies, global infrastructure.

· One to two slides on a recommended cloud service provider based on the comparative analysis and the cloud vendor’s abilities to meet the service needs of the company.

· One slide on the conclusion.

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