Cloud Security and Compliance

Each student needs to Submit the first page of every publication that he/she finds including “Abstract” and information related to where and when each article/paper was published

Once the project topic and research material is reviewed and approved by the instructor, students can proceed to conduct further research and complete their respective project

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Cloud Security and Compliance
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Important: When choosing articles/papers related to the chosen topics, students must pay attention to selecting articles that include new information for them. Each term paper will be evaluated based on originality and individual increased learnings directly related to the project.

– We need to use these 2 references (you may add other sources)

Mather, T., Kumaraswamy, S., & Latif, S. (2009). Cloud security and privacy: An enterprise perspective on risk and compliance. Beijing: O’Reilly.

Kalaiprasath, R., Elankavi, R., & Udayakumar, R. (1970, January 01). Cloud Securıty And Complıance – A Semantıc Approach In End To End Securıty. Retrieved January 23, 2021, from

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