Clinical Judgment Model


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Clinical Judgment Model
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Initial Post

Describe in detail a clinical scenario you experienced, including all relevant information within these iterative stages of the Clinical Judgment Model

Recognize and Analyze Cues

  • External cues
  • Internal cues
  • Cluster relevant cues with a description of cue analysis for importance and immediate concern
  • Relevant cues must be linked to the client’s clinical presentation and ordered in the significance of priority needs

Create and Prioritize Hypotheses

  • Generate a minimum of three hypotheses based on the analysis of cues.
  • Evaluate and prioritize the top two hypotheses
  • Provide rationales and evidence to support choices for each priority hypothesis
  • Generate Solutions
    • Identify an expected outcome for each priority hypothesis
    • Describe a set of priority interventions for each expected outcome

    Take Action

    • Describe an implementation plan for priority interventions.
    • Provide rationales and evidence to support choices for each priority intervention

    Evaluate Outcomes

    • Describe an evaluation plan for outcomes related to expected results.
    • Identify effective actions
    • Describe an evaluation plan for outcomes related to unexpected results.
    • Identify the actions related to declining or unchanged status

    Summary of the ongoing iterative process of Clinical Judgment

    • Provide a summary of what you believe went well, including at least one area of new knowledge gained with a description of how the new knowledge will affect your nursing practice
    • Describe at least one part of the clinical judgment process you would do differently if faced with a similar clinical situation in the future. Explain why you would approach this situation in another way


      • Identify two responses which contain new knowledge you had not considered previously
      • Describe how this new knowledge could impact your nursing practice.