Climate Change, Political Science- POS Final Discussion

Using the book, Drawdown, The most comprehensive plan ever to reverse global warming by Paul Hawken.

Your task is to choose YOUR preferred 3 “best solutions” as listed and described in this book – “Drawdown”. Reading through Drawdown should stimulate you to seek solutions for a better tomorrow. Think about your 3 best solutions from this book and, should you have other ideas or a hybrid combo, then definitely discuss this as well.
In general, these are not difficult scenarios for our class discussion. You should think through these “best cases” in Drawdown as you read through the book and your mind is enlightened by the possibilities. the Drawdown book, combined with current environmental news and events, should open up your world to a wide range of best case scenarios.
Start scanning through the Drawdown book for the chapters that peak your interest and read them according to the instructions above. This is so you stay ahead of the game (ultimately, final completion of the course). Your required Discussion should be 275 words. I leave it up to you on the structure of your post but you should just give a thoughtful response (in other words, write what is important to you regarding these scenarios). Why did you choose these as your “best” case scenarios?

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Climate Change, Political Science- POS Final Discussion
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