Climate Change

You are to write about climate change. You will need to limit your focus. You are to write an extensive paper in which you do the following:

1. Define the problem.

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Climate Change
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2. Discuss the nature and extent and significance of the problem.

3. Discuss the causes of the problem.

4. Discuss the current government efforts to deal with the problem—What are they? Are they successful? Have they worked? What hasn’t worked? Why?

5. What additional policies or changed policies are offered to further respond to the problem?

6. What role should the government play in addressing the problem? In answering this question consider the concepts of public good, externalities, the collective action problem, the free-rider problem and market failures?

7. Could the solution to the problem be left to the private sector? Why or why not?

8. How would you measure a successful government policy?

In preparing this take-home part of the exam, you must use a minimum of six sources and you need to footnote the paper using some recognized footnote format.

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