Clift, E. (2003, Nov 3). ‘And Ain’t I a Woman?’ The Road to “Female Suffrage was Tough, but so was Sojourner Truth. An American Story.” Newsweek. Retrieved on September 27, 2016 from

In this article, Sojourner Truth is presented as a strong woman who never backed down in her fight for women and slave rights. She believed both in the influence of God and the messages she delivered through her touching speeches. The author of the article describes Truth as both an abolitionist and a suffragist. He in fact portrays her as a very strong woman who needs to be admired by modern feminists and human rights activists.

This article will also be a useful source of information for the portfolio project. It gives important information about the strength, beliefs, and accomplishments of Sojourner Truth.

A Point of Note:

The above sources were found both in the library and on the internet. The name ‘Sojourner Truth’ was used as the main search term. It was easy to find scholarly books, journal articles and other sources containing information on the topic. Perhaps one of the main difficulties that have been encountered in this portfolio project is that its topic is too wide. There is a lot of information on the topic. It is difficult for one to determine what specifically to talk about Sojourner Truth.

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