Chronic Pain

Written Case Study about Chronic pain (topic) fibromyalgia(subtopic)

  • Format: Times new roman or Arial, size 12, single space
  • Create a title (minimum of 4 words).
  • Each paragraph should be 3-4 sentences long.
  • You should include the following sections in your paper (APA -Word has this template):
    • Title page
    • Introduction or background of Chronic pain (topic) fibromyalgia(subtopic)
    • topic description (of Chronic pain (topic) fibromyalgia(subtopic))
      • Background info
    • Outcome
    • Recommendations (or application of this topic to a patient if it is a general topic)
    • Conclusion & Future applications (such as new medications, new assessment tools, etc.)
    • References (minimum of 3 references)

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Chronic Pain
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