Choosing the Right Research Methodology


Please answer each of the following questions to the best of your ability. Be thorough and source any outside material(s) you use with your responses. Remember�a response without fact is an opinion; this is your midterm exam…it should be based on fact.

Question 1: The Role of Mktg Research in Management Decision Making

Marketing research is viewed as playing three critical roles for management. Discuss what these three critical roles are and secondly, provide (2) real life examples of how each has been used by a consumer goods company in the past year. (Sourcing needed with your response)
Question 2: Choosing the Right Research Methodology

Describe in detail the criteria a researcher uses to decide when to use the following types of research methodologies: 1) survey research; 2) observation research; 3) experiments and 4) focus groups.
Now, tell us which methodology you would use for the following launches:
a) Glow in the dark slippers; b) Liquor flavored gum; c) Paper dresses

Question 3: Primary Research: Oberservation

How might a mystery shopper be valuable to the following organizations? (Please make sure you are specific with your following responses 1) JetBlue Airlines; 2) Bloomindales; 3) Burger King and 4) University

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