Choose a socially constructed “disease” or “illness”

Choose a socially constructed “disease” or “illness” and present the following on the discussion board. The topic you choose can either be something that is treated now that historically was not, or something that is no longer considered a disease or illness. (If you choose something from the readings, please research to add additional information to your post.) Please include at least two quotes, include a reference page with two or more resources to support your information. In 275 words, all questions should be answered clearly and thoroughly.

Address the following in your post:

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Choose a socially constructed “disease” or “illness”
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Why did you choose this disease or illness?
What is the history of this disease or illness ? Past and present based on the context in which you are presenting this disease or illness .
Is there cultural meaning associated with the disease or illness? If so, what is the meaning?
How has the personal experience of the disease or illness changed over time?
How have medical and technological advancements influenced social perception and a person’s experience of the disease?
How can the theory of social constructionism be applied to the example you have chosen?
Include any other information that seems relevant to the topic.

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