Chocolate Report

This assessment requires you to write an integrated report of no more than 1500 words
a. You should consider an argument based on theory as to what will be the future of the chocolate industry. How has history, cultural and social aspects shaped this industry and how do you think it will evolve? (Approx. 1000 words).
Recommendations from Derby: In order to give the argument context, you must include in the introduction, a concise explanation of the historical and contemporary, cultural and social influences that have shaped the industry in relation to the arguments you are presenting.

b. You are also required to evaluate your response to the chocolate fondue project brief. Have you met the client’s requirements as detailed in the brief? Have you considered and communicated the social and cultural aspects of your product. Does the packaging meet legal requirements, does it protect and communicate the product attributes? Your own notes and any tutor feedback received to improve your future performance should be used as a basis for the final part of this report (approx. 500 words

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Chocolate Report
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Please note the evaluation should not be a simple transcript of the feedback from the chef/instructor.
Please use the assessment criteria provided overleaf to ensure that you cover the areas where marks will be allocated – criteria are not weighted the same.

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