After the fall of the Mongols, China was ruled by the native Ming Dynasty for nearly three centuries. The dynasty’s founder ruled for thirty years, becoming more paranoid and despotic over time. Though very few of his successors were particularly good rulers, China thrived in many ways.

Write an p that describes the ways that China thrived during this time period in terms of agriculture, education, culture, etc. and its impact on the population. Your p must be between 700 and 1,000 words in length. Your p will be assessed based on the strength of your thesis statement, command of supporting data, and overall quality of writing.

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Describe and discuss the African American population in the Mississippi Delta found in disasters. What can be done to mitigate such vulnerability, respond to it and to recover from it effectively. Emotional relief, referral and resources after the flood, and lack of warning sign, recovery and programs to provide funding should be included should be included