Childcare weekly discussion

Discussion question Has to be written in first person context. Mary’s mom always comes in right at opening and sits with 3-year-old Mary while handfeeding her breakfast. When breakfast is over, Mary’s mom often takes a few bites of Mary’s leftovers. You have often thought that Mary’s mom needs to let Mary eat on her own! You have hinted that she can leave and let Mary learn to eat with the other children and feel frustrated that she has not gotten the hint. You feel that Mary would be a lot more independent if her mom would just drop her off and leave in the morning. Based on what you’ve learned so far about DAP, are there activities that you could plan to help Mary develop the necessary skills for feeding herself? What are some possible strategies that could be shared with Mary’s mom for supporting Mary’s skill development at home? What are some of the reasons Mary’s mom might be staying? How could you approach Mary’s mom about accessing additional resources in the community to support Mary and the rest of the family?

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