Chest Pressure

65-year-old female presents to the Emergency Room with 90-minute history of chest pressure radiating to the left jaw.

History: Smoker 1 pack per day/ 20 years, hypertension & osteoarthritis. She has not seen a primary care provider in over 5 years.

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Chest Pressure
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Medications: None, she stopped taking medication for her blood pressure more than 5 years ago and does not check her blood pressure at home.

Vital Signs on presentation: Blood pressure 180/110, heart rate 100, Respiratory rate 24, Temperature 98.7 F, Pulse ox 95%, Pain scale 10/10

ECG Findings: ST Elevated MI


As the nurse you are triaging this patient in the ER and note that on ECG she is having a myocardial infarction. The cath lab team has been called in. However she is still having chest pain.

  1. identify at least 2 pharmacological interventions you might anticipate as the nurse you will or could implement while this patient is waiting to go to the cath lab. You will need to provide rationale for why you chose those 2  medications.(6pt total, 1 for each medication and 2 for each rationale)