Chemistry: Use of inorganic and organic substances in the military

Subject: chemistry


Topic: Use of inorganic and organic substances in the military


Your individual research paper should include the following and in this specific order: 

  1. Title page including your name, name of school and publication date
  2. Abstract (200-300) words, summary of the paper (do this last after you have finished writing your research paper then you can pick and choose important information to put in your Abstract)
  3. Introduction (background information of the topic and a brief comment leading to the main idea 1-2 pages)
  4. Manuscript body (which can be broken down in further sections depending on nature of research)
  5. Materials and Method
  6. Results obtained (Graphs and Tables)
  7. Discussion (Discuss results: e.g. comparisons, sources of errors, future modifications etc.)
  8. Conclusion (future real life uses)
  9. Reference Page (in alphabetical order)


Make sure to include material method graphical analysis and discussion of results.


Discuss the background about the topic, its discovery, modifications over the years for improvement, advantages, disadvantages, real-life application/ daily use. (where and how it’s used e.g. in pharmaceuticals, treating patients, engineering, buildings, aero planes, space, oceans, food, beverages) etc. give examples, make sure to include the chemical reactions involved. 

Be creative with what to include, each topic will have different points to discuss.


You must write in your own words please do not copy and paste from the internet as you will be penalized for plagiarism (15% of your marks will be deducted from your final research project grade if plagiarized). Remember to use simple language to make it easy to follow.  


To avoid copying and pasting please use the below link to help you understand how to reference.


  1. You must submit on time otherwise your grade will be capped at 15% (this means for example if you earn full marks 10/10 the highest you can get is 8.5/10 due to late submission).
  2. You must submit your research project as word document.
  3. Font must be Times New Roman/ Calibri.
  4. Font size must be 12 only, heading can be larger.
  5. Make sure your margins are well aligned/ justified and your paragraphs are spaced by 1.5.
  6. Minimum 5 pages and maximum 10 pages excluding title page and reference page


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