Characteristics of Science

1. Discuss the choices that must be made before writ- ing a history of psychology. Include in your answer a distinction between presentism and historicism.

2. Summarize the major characteristics of science.

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Characteristics of Science
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3. Discuss why psychology can be described both as a science and as a nonscience. Include in your answer the characteristics of science that some psychologists are unwilling to accept while studying humans.

4. According to Popper, what are the two primary reasons that theories such as those of Freud and Adler are unscientific?

5. Summarize Kuhn’s views on how sciences change. Include in your answer the definitions of the terms preparadigmatic, paradigm, normal science, and scientific revolution.

6. Within the realm of science, what is the correspon- dence theory of truth? Explain why it can be said that Popper accepted this theory and Kuhn did not.

7. Summarize Feyerabend’s view of science.

8. Should psychology aspire to become a single paradigm discipline? Defend your answer.

9. Is psychology a science? Defend your answer.


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